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Mattress-Cooler "Deluxe" Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System-Out of Stock

$349.99 $399.99 saving $50.00
Mattress-Cooler "Deluxe" Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System-Out of Stock

Mattress-Cooler "Deluxe" Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System-Out of Stock

$349.99 $399.99 saving $50.00

Simple, Reliable, Powerful....

We are excited to announce the launch of our new and improved Mattress Cooler Deluxe....the ONLY Thermoelectric cooler on the market with the power to cool two adults with a single affordable water cooler.

Designed and manufactured in the US (with globally sourced components of course) by a leading thermoelectric refrigeration expert, this unit represents the future of sleep cooling systems....not by adding expensive add-ons like sleep tracking and phone apps, but instead by making simple and efficient sleep cooling systems affordable enough for everybody who wants to sleep better and save energy.

 Our new Cooling unit chills water to a temperature you select and circulates it through a thin cooling pad placed on your mattress or strapped to your pillow. By directly cooling just you instead of the whole house, you not only get a much better night’s sleep, you can save energy all night long. This box set ships with one 27x63 cooling pad and one Free Bonus 12 x 24 cooling pad for a pillow or chair which can both be connected to the new water cooler.

If you ever have any questions about our Mattress Cooler lineup feel free to reach out to me directly. -Richard Anderson, Mattress Cooler USA


Why does it ship with the small pads?

The simple answer is efficiency. While you may assume that the larger the pad, the better the cooling, this usually isn't the case. In order to keep the human body cool at night all we really need is a contact patch about the size of your palm. After cooling that spot, your body's bloodstream will carry the "cool" to the rest of your body. Smaller pads have a lot of advantages starting with cost, comfort,ease of use, and pad longevity. While ultimately pad size is a personal preference, the small pads will provide superior cooling using a fraction of the energy and we believe will provide the best overall customer experience for most people. Our 27x63 cooling pad is our most reliable pad and it can cool 2 people laid accross a King or Queen bed, or one person laid headboard to footboard.

How cold can it get?

" With a small pad covered by a blanket for a while...pretty close to freezing, but limited by the thermostat to 40F. However, this is actually the wrong question. Chilling a pound of water to near freezing is a nice talking point but what REALLY matters is what happens when you add a real heat load...like 300-400 pounds of 99F humans putting off 500 BTU of extra heat per hour...that is the real design criteria for a sleep cooling system....not absolute temperatures.

The ideal water temperature given the thermodynamic properties of our cooling pad is right about 70F, +/- a few degrees depending on your personal preference. This gives us a nearly 30 degree delta between body temperature and coolant temperature, more than enough to pull away the body heat trapped in the sleep envelope. You can set it lower, but most will find it too cold after a few minutes and if you go too cold (under 60F) you can run into issues with condensation depending on your climate.