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Mattress Cooler Deluxe Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System with Powerful Compressor Refrigeration and Digital Temperature Control

Mattress Cooler Deluxe Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System with Powerful Compressor Refrigeration and Digital Temperature Control

Mattress Cooler Deluxe Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System with Powerful Compressor Refrigeration and Digital Temperature Control


Mattress Cooler Deluxe Sleep Cooling System

Simple, Reliable, Powerful....AFFORFABLE!

For 7 Years Mattress Cooler USA has had one mission...to help people sleep better and save energy by manufacturing and distributing AFFORDABLE sleep cooling systems to the US market.  

What's in the box?

1 Mattress Cooler Deluxe

1 Large Cotton Cooling Pad

1 Standard PVC Cooling Pad

1 Hose Clamp

2 Year Prorated Replacement Warranty


The largest difference by far is the upgrade from evaporative cooling to a compressor cooler like you would find in your refrigerator or a water cooler. This upgrade gives us far more cooling power. With digital temperature selection you can set your unit to as low as 40F! Compared to evaporative coolers which are limited to about 12 degrees below ambient in optimal conditions. It is also equipped with a stronger pump so you can set it on a nightstand or on the floor and easily cool a Large 55x63 Mattress Cooling Pad. To accommodate all these upgrades the cooler had to get larger and now measures 14"W x 10"L x 10"H and weighs approximately 20 lbs.

This extra cooling power allows us to add the next big upgrade to the box... a 55x63 cotton cooling pad in addition to our new and improved 27"x63" PVC cooling pad.


Our standard PVC pad is great at absorbing body heat with an ideal water temperature of about 75F, but it's texture and feel is not for everyone. Cotton pads have a more comfortable feel, but the problem has been that they require lower water temperatures of 60F or lower to provide the same amount of cooling as the PVC pad does at 75F. This was a bit too much for our previous coolers to achieve but easy for the new Deluxe.

So now you have a choice! If you want the comfort of a cotton cooling pad, hook it up and set the thermostat to about 55F for a good night's sleep. If you don't mind the feel of the PVC pad and want more cooling, hook up the PVC pad and set the thermostat to around 75F. You save a lot more energy with the PVC pad too!   

One word of caution... the thermostat on the new cooler will allow you to set the temperature as low as 40F. However, as water temperature gets under 55F the risk of condensation increases so pay attention to your local dew point!


Finally, we are now able to offer a 2 year pro-rated warranty on the Mattress Cooler Deluxe compressor cooler.  If your compressor fails in the first 2 years of operation you will receive a pro-rated credit on a brand new cooler for each warranty month remaining. Cooling pads have a 90 day warranty.  We recommend replacing the cotton pads after 6 months of use, and the PVC pads after 4-6 months of use.

The truth is from an engineering perspective these systems have a very tough life. It is common for the coolers to run 8-10 hours a day and nearly 365 days a year. Cooling pads get worn out and dirty over time. Bottom line...we strive to make our systems tough and durable and while they won't last forever, our goal is to keep the cost of ownership at around $10 per month by offering an extended warranty and affordable replacement parts for our sleep cooling systems. 

If you ever have any questions about our Mattress Cooler lineup feel free to reach out to us directly. -Richard Anderson, Mattress Cooler USA (MattressCoolerUSA@Gmail.com)


How Does It Work?

Our Sleep Cooling Systems work on a simple concept. Water is chilled and then circulated through a cooling pad placed under your fitted sheet. The chilled water easily absorbs trapped 99 degree body heat and moves it out of the sleep envelope. For hot sleepers, this is key to getting a good night sleep.

How Does it Save Energy ?

For Hot sleepers, traditionally there is only one way to sleep cooler...by cranking down your AC from 75 to 70, 65, or lower at night. Unfortunately, while this cools most of the house down it is an incredibly inefficient way to cool your body, leaving most of the excess body heat still trapped between your mattress and your comforter.

 The Mattress Cooler Sleep Cooling Systems solve that problem by cooling your body directly instead of your whole house. This reduces the heat load from hundreds of thousands of pounds of cement, wood, sheetrock, and furniture to just hundreds pounds for 2 adults. This allows you to to supplement your $20,000 HVAC system with a small and efficient water cooler. 

We can't say exactly how much you will save...there are too many variables. How big is your house? Where is it located? What do you typically set your AC on at night? What is your electric rate per KWh? 

I can give you a personal example. We live in the Houston Texas area where it gets pretty hot and humid. Our 2500sf home has a single 5 ton air conditioning unit that uses about 4000 watts (4KWh) an hour when running. On a hot summer night it might be 82F and humid outside. If I crank the AC down to 65 from 75 at 8PM, it will run pretty hard most of the night, let's say running 9 full hours out of 10 until I set it back at 75F at 6AM. That's 36kwh per night, and at current rates of $0.15 per KWh, about $5.40 per night, or $167.40 per month. Admittedly this is a worst case month in the middle of the summer....January would be a fraction of this. 

Compare that with the cost to run a mattress cooler which is about 100 watts per hour on full blast, but probably half that for most, so 0.5 KwH and just $0.08 per night.

My guess is that over a year, my savings add up to about 5,000 kwh of reduced electrical use, or $750 per year at $0.15 per KWh...not too shabby for a system that retails under $300. Your savings could be more or less...depending on your unique circumstances, and that doesn't even count the reduced wear and tear on your homes HVAC system.

Just for reference...5,000 KWH is enough electricity to drive an electric car about 15,000 miles per year...We're still waiting for a call from Elon Musk to include a Mattress Cooler in the "frunk" of every new Tesla :)

Which cooling pad should I use?

We include 2 pad types to let you find out what  pad you prefer. Our 27"x63" PVC pad will cool 2 people when laid across King or Queen bed, or one person when laid head to toe. We recommend setting the water to 75F. If you have a high cold tolerance turn it down to 70 or lower for a real treat. The PVC pad will give you the most cooling while using the least amount of electricity. We recommend this pad for people with a High Cold tolerance or someone on an energy budget.

Our new 55"x63" cotton pad gives you a much more familiar feel but requires much colder temperatures to operate, so it will use more electricity and you have to keep an eye out for condensation if you set it under 60, though this depends a lot on your indoor humidity levels. The Cotton Pad is not compatible with people who have a very high cold tolerance or prefer to set their cooler lower than 70 with the PVC pad.  **Since releasing the Deluxe most of our customers reported setting their cotton pads to 55F.

We also have 2 other PVC pad sizes...a 12"x24" pad for pillows or chairs, and a larger 55"x63" for those who need full body cooling for 2 on a King or Queen mattress.

How cold can it get?

" With a small pillow pad covered by a blanket for a while...pretty close to freezing, but limited by the thermostat to 40F. However, this is actually the wrong question. Chilling a few pounds of water to near freezing is a nice talking point but what REALLY matters is what happens when you add a real heat load...like 300-400 pounds of 99F humans putting off 500 BTU of extra heat per hour...that is the real design criteria for a sleep cooling system....not absolute temperatures.

The ideal water temperature given the thermodynamic properties of our PVC cooling pad is right about 75F, +/- a few degrees depending on your personal preference.  For our new cotton pads that temperature is around 60F.  You can set it lower, but most will find it too cold after a few minutes and if you go too cold (under 60F) you can run into issues with condensation depending on your climate.