Mattress Cooler ICE

Mattress Cooler ICE

Mattress Cooler ICE


Mattress Cooler USA, maker of the best selling Mattress Cooler Classic is excited to launch the most affordable water chilled sleep cooling system ever…the Mattress Cooler ICE.

Our Corporate goal is to help Americans sleep better by putting AFFORDABLE sleep cooling systems on as many beds as possible. While our Classic and Deluxe water coolers are very convenient, they are also the most expensive part of the system, so we asked the question…could we create a simple sleep cooling system using ice in place of an active water cooler?  It sounds easy enough but it's really not because it needs to be cold, but not too cold, and it needs to last all night long. 

We solved that problem by including a 1 gallon water bag that can be frozen into a 8lb block of ice and then be refrozen during the day. Instead of submerging the whole block, just the bottom 1/2 inch is submerged, allowing the block to melt slowly and provide constant cooling throughout the night.


The Mattress Cooler ICE box set comes with our standard 27"x63"mattress topper that can cool one if laid head to toe, or two when laid across a King or Queen bed.

  • (1) Submersible 12V Pump and power supply
  • (1) 10' tubing set giving you plenty of reach to set up 
  • (1) Water tank
  • (2) Water Bladders 

Is this the sleep cooling system for everybody? Probably not, but that’s OK. For a more advanced, and a little bit more expensive solution to this age old problem check out the Mattress Cooler Classic and the Mattress Cooler Deluxe.



1) Add 1 gallon of water to the water bladders. Remove air and seal with the cap. Do not overfill or they will pop when they freeze. The water bladders are 1.3 Gallons, so filling to 1 gallon give plenty of margin to expand and contract. Place in Freezer and allow to freeze. This will take 12-24 hours depending on freezer specs.

2)Place and secure Mattress Topper on mattress in desired position...across a King or Queen to cool two or head to toe to cool a single user. It is recommended to use a waterproof mattress protector. The fitted sheet can then be placed over the cooling pad.

3)Fill the water tank with about 3 inches of water. In one corner place the submersible water pump into the tank, fully submerging it and securing it to the bottom of the the water tank. Briefly plug in the water pump allowing it to clear the air and prime. Be ready for water to stream out!! It can easily be deflected back into the tank with a cup or your hand. Once the pump is primed turn it back off.

4) Connect one end of the tubing set to the cooling pad on the bed and route it to the water tank. The tubing is connected but the last few inches can be easily separated to connect to the two hose barbs on the pad.

5) For the side of the hose run to the water tank, one hose should be connected to the water pump's outflow nozzle on the top of the pump. The second hose is the water return line, just make sure it is secure inside the water tank. 

6)You will need about 1 quart of water ready to add to the water tank. Start with about 16oz, then turn on the water pump. It will slowly start filling the cooling pad with water from the tank.  Add enough water to keep the water level just over the top of the pump.

7) About 10 minutes before you are ready to get in bed, place the ice bag into the water tank. The ice will start cooling the circulating water allowing it to absorb excess body heat trapped between the mattress and the comforter.

8)In the morning return the ice bag to the freezer so it will be ready again by bed time.