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Mattress-Cooler.com is owned and operated by Amanda Anderson and her husband Richard and is based in the Houston Texas suburb of Angleton.

The Andersons have been thinking about Mattress Coolers since Amanda was pregnant with their first child during the summer of 2007. Summer in Houston is always hot, but between being pregnant and working nights as a nurse, the only way she could get any sleep at all was to crank down the AC way down into the 60's.

Richard knew better than to touch the thermostat, but after getting the first electric bill of the summer, he built the first mattress cooler prototype with a deep freezer, a 5 gallon bucket of salt water, an aquarium pump, and a lot of tubing. It worked(to well...condensation soaked the bed)....but it wasn't quite ready for "Shark Tank"....The deep freezer quickly went back to the garage, and Richard grudgingly put a check in the mail for the electric bill.

Over the years they tried countless overpriced and poorly performing products before stumbling upon evaporative coolers. It turns out they are common in the rest of the world, but nonexistant in the US. The only products available here were luxury products in the $1000+ price range. Far too expensive for the subpar cooling they delivered!

Their first thought was, "there is no way that works...how could a small evaporative cooler that uses just a penny of electricity a night cool two people?"  But for the price, it was worth a shot, and the results blew them away! Here was a product line already in mass production that worked, could be adapted to the US market by simply changing the plug, and best of all could be offered for under $200 retail.

Within a few months they had tested a dozen different samples and had an initial shipment on the way. They opened for business in 2016 and have spent the last 6+ years learning the ropes of online sales and international trade. By 2018 they knew they were onto something, but they also knew that there were improvements to be made in the product itself. Based on hundreds of reviews and conversations with customers, they worked with manufacturer's to develop a new and improved model that directly addressed earlier model's shortcomings.

The result is the all new "Mattress Cooler" which we launched in the fall of 2018. The Mattress Cooler has quieter operation and a much larger water tank than previous models...addressing the top two issues with earlier models. It also has an in line filter, upgraded pump and fan, and a much sturdier heavy weight construction. Just as importantly... the price is unchanged. Mattress-Cooler.com's goal remains, to help people sleep better and save money. We would much rather sell millions of these at razor thin margins than just a few at outrageous high prices.

Since 2018, we have continued to listen to customer feedback! As of 2023, we are excited to launch a better, more maintainable cooling system, the Cold Flash! The Cold Flash is our best cooling system yet! We opted for a compressor cooler, and stronger pump. Now you can sleep cool on both PVC and Cotton Pads, without having to add water to your unit every night. Equipped with a digital thermostat ranging from 40F-80F any hot sleeper is sure to be pleased.

Stay tuned in our Mattress Cooler journey! We look forward to your feedback on the new Cold Flash and Cotton Pad. To stay in the loop follow us on our social media.