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What is a Mattress Cooler?

A Mattress Cooler is a sleep cooling system that chills water and circulates it through a Mattress Cooling Pad. This Mattress Cooling Pad removes body heat that has been trapped between you and the Mattress.

Do the products come with a warranty?

Yes. All New and Used Mattress Coolers come with a 90 day warranty. The 90 day warranty also applies to the New Cotton Cooling Pad. If there is an issue with your order please contact us at mattresscoolerusa@gmail.com

**New Cold Flash follows the 90 day warranty, once the 90 days expire it switches to the 1 year Prorated Warranty. This warranty expires 1 year after the received date recorded on your order.

Used Replacement Pads DO NOT come with a warranty. 

Cold Flash Questions

How to Operate a Cold Flash Sleep Cooling System.

Fill with water to the max fill line. Press the on button. To change from Celsius to Fahrenheit press and hold the up arrow for 4 seconds. Set it to your desired temperature. 

What kind of Maintenance does my Cold Flash need?

Every 4-6 weeks drain your unit. If you notice the water getting slimy or cloudy, drain it more frequently. Remove the max fill tray. Make a vinegar water solution and dip a rag into it. Use this rag to wipe out the inside.

To clean pads you can run the Cold Flash with 1 tsp of vinegar mixed into warm water. Run for 15 minutes, then drain and fill with fresh water.


How do I drain the Cold Flash Sleep Cooling System

Do NOT turn the unit upside down.

Lay out a towel below the Cold Flash. Place a bucket on the towel. Disconnect the tube from the water return side (not the shut off valve). Place the Tube into the bucket, then turn on the Cooler. Water will flow through the pad, out the tube and into the bucket. Turn off the unit when the bucket is full or the unit is empty.

Can I get the Cold Flash with Pillow Pads instead of the Mattress Cooling Pads?

Yes! Please contact us for a custom quote. Price will depend on how many pillow pads you purchase and whether you live in the contiguous US-48 states. Prices also may fluctuate based on the season or product availability. 

I set my Cold Flash up to prime and water still is not flowing out of it/the pump is not working!

Option A: Sometimes the pump needs an extra push to get it to prime. Attach the tubing connected to your pad to both water ports on your Cold Flash. Turn on the Cold Flash, you may hear the pump turn on and off 3 times without any water flowing. Once the pump turns on for the 3rd time and stays on pull the tube off of the Water Output Port. The suction created when you pull the tube off should be just the amount of force needed to pull water into the pump and get it primed properly.

Option B: If this does not work, you can use the spare clear tube that came with your Cold Flash and attach it to the tube closest to the power cord. Suck on it like a straw, keep a bucket in hand because the pump will prime and water will begin to flow. 


How come my Cold Flash won't get to 80F?

The Cold Flash is a water cooler. It can only cool the water, there is no heating element inside it that allows it to heat water. If you set the Cold Flash to a temperature higher than room temperature than the water inside the cooler will remain at room temperature. 

How come my Cold Flash won't get to 40F?

First off it is not recommended to sleep on a Mattress that is 40F. If you are setting your Cold Flash to 40F and it is not getting there, please keep in mind that the compressor inside the cooler is doing its best to work against the elements. The Cold Flash can reach temperatures 15F-20F below room temperature. If you are in an 80F room or hotter the Cold Flash will not get below 60F. It is recommended that this cooler is used inside a home with a room temp between 68F - 76F. This would allow your cold flash to reach the 50F's easily. 

Mattress Cooler Classic Questions

How to Operate a Mattress Cooler Classic

Once you have powered on your Mattress Cooler Classic, there are fan and pump settings you will need to adjust in order to make the mattress pad cooler, or not as cold. F1 is the highest fan setting and D1 is the setting for continuous running. To reduce the cooling, we recommend turning the fan to a lower setting like F3 or F4. Also, D2 will have the mattress cooler cycle on 3 mins and off 3 mins, D3 will have the mattress cycle on 3 mins at a time every 9 minutes. D4, however, will turn off the fan and run the pump only. D4 is the least cool setting. Many people use D2 or D3 cycles with their desired fan speed.

My Mattress Cooler Classic has been leaking from the bottom...

This can happen especially after a cleaning or moving the unit. The green evaporation pad can get misaligned with the catch tray that directs water back into the tank. Causing a small trickle to escape, dripping down the inside of the case and out the bottom. If this is your issue, the solution is quite simple. Take off the grill in the back, you may need a small screwdriver to pop it off. Firmly push the evaporation pad inward...usually just a millimeter or two is all it takes. In the meantime, I would recommend running the unit in a shallow tray or Tupperware container to catch any leaking water until you are confident the problem has been resolved.

What kind of maintenance does a Mattress Cooler Classic need?

We recommend you drain your cooler every other week, unless it needs it more regularly. 

Every 4 weeks we recommend you clean it. You do this by running it with warm-hot water through the cooling unit and pad, and draining it till it runs clear. 

*Tips For a Deep Clean*

  • You can mix 1 tsp of bleach into a gallon of warm water before adding it to your unit. After running it for 30 min - 1 hour, make sure to drain the cooler and refill with fresh water.
  • You Can Perform a Flush. During a Flush, disconnect the top tube from the Mattress Cooler and place it inside a bath tub sink or Deep Bucket. Fill the Mattress Cooler with your preferred water (room temp, Warm-Hot, or Bleach Water Solution). Turn it on and let it run to flush out your system. Continue to Add water until the system runs clear. Do not let your system run without water.

How do I drain the Mattress Cooler Classic?

Do NOT turn your unit upside down! There are electrical parts inside your unit, and turning it upside down is bad news. To drain your unit, disconnect it from the tubes, and remove the black plug from the bottom of your unit. If you have issues removing the plug while keeping your unit pointed right side up, use a hard surface like a table to keep the unit steady. If you have fragile nails, please consider using pliers. Once the plug is removed it should drain completely. If you don't feel confident in keeping the unit right side up while reinserting the plug, give it some time to air dry. 

Cooling Pad Questions

How often should I replace my PVC cooling pad?

We recommend you change out your pad every 3-6 months. If you notice any build up that doesn't clear up with cleaning your Mattress Cooler, it may be time to change out your cooling pad. 

How often should I replace my Cotton Cooling Pad?

Replace your Cotton Cooling Pad every 6 months.

Why do I need to replace my Mattress Cooling Pad?

Mattress Cooling Pads are wear items. They are used for 8+ hours a night, and during the day water sits in them for 12+ hours. When water sits in something for an extended period of time this can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mildew, and mold. Over time this can build up inside your pad. This reduces the cooling effect of the pad and can make your Water Cooler dirty. If you refrain from changing the cooling pad you may have to clean your Water Cooler more often. To ensure your Cold Flash or Mattress Cooler lasts a long time make sure to change your Mattress Cooling Pad every 6 months, or when you begin to notice build up has spread to your water cooler. Once it has spread to your water cooler it increases the chance of the pump becoming clogged. You can purchase Replacement Pads here.

What are the different Mattress Cooling Pad sizes? 

Pillow Pad 12" x 24"

Small Mattress Topper 27" x 63"

Large Mattress Topper 55" x 63"

Large Cotton Mattress Topper 55" x 63"

We also sell multipacks and used pads. To pick a cooling pad size use the drop down menu. The Large Cotton Pad is not compatible with the Mattress Cooler Classic. If you purchase it for the Classic you will be disappointed.

Can I connect multiple pads to my Water Cooling Unit?

Yes! I don't recommend it with the Mattress Cooler Classic, but the Cold Flash is capable of circulating through multiple pads. You can accomplish this 2 ways. You can purchase Y-connectors from our Spare Parts page, attach the Y-connectors to the water ports, then connect the tubes from the pads to the Y-connectors. OR you can connect the pads to each other than connect each pad to one of the water ports. 

Even on lower settings I am too cold! I dislike the way the Cooling Pad feels.

Keep in mind it takes time to adjust to an effective cooling pad. Ease into it by starting at a lower setting and adding extra buffers between you and the cooling pad. We have some recommendations that all depend on your cold tolerance or comfort levels. 

For beginners or those with a low cold tolerance, you will need more buffer between you and your cooling pad. I highly recommend a Breathable Fitted Mattress Topper, but you can use a thick throw blanket, or a thin comforter. Place these buffers directly on top of the cooling pad, then place the fitted sheet on top. 

Once you begin to build a tolerance you might graduate to a thin throw blanket or 2 fitted sheets.

If you ever need assistance finding the right sleep setting for you, please contact us.