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Thank you for choosing Mattress Cooler!

Should you ever have an issue with your Mattress Cooler, we welcome you to contact us so we may try to help you get your Mattress Cooler working properly.

Please remember to read the maintenance instructions before you start using the Mattress Cooler. It's important that you drain your mattress cooler tank every 2-weeks in order to remove any build-up and debris from the system. After draining the Mattress Cooler, we also recommend adding 1/8 teaspoon of bleach to the mattress cooler to help with keeping the water clean within the Mattress Cooler. Do not overuse the bleach. 

Once you have powered on your mattress cooler, there are fan and pump settings you will need to adjust in order to make the mattress pad cooler, or not as cold. F1 is the highest fan setting and D1 is the setting for continuous running. To reduce the cooling, we recommend turning the fan to a lower setting like F3 or F4. Also, D2 will have the mattress cooler cycle on 3 mins and off 3 mins, D3 will have the mattress cycle on 3 mins at a time every 9 minutes. D4, however, will turn off the fan and run the pump only. D4 is the least cool setting. Many people use D2 or D3 cycles with their desired fan speed.