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Portable Comfort Cooler - Battery Powered, wearable, no mess "Ice Pack"

Portable Comfort Cooler - Battery Powered, wearable, no mess "Ice Pack"

Portable Comfort Cooler - Battery Powered, wearable, no mess "Ice Pack"

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    • INSTANT COOLING: The Comfort Cooler Mini provides cooling within seconds at the touch of a button. A fully charged powerbank battery (included) will grant you long-lasting cooling relief of up to 3.5 hours. The mini cooler provides the convenience of a high or low-temperature setting to suit your cooling preference.
    • ELECTRONIC ICE PACK: The rechargeable cooling device provides all the benefits of an ice/gel pack in a small, lightweight portable form factor without the inconvenience of having to refreeze it. Unlike ice/gel packs, the cooler provides unlimited on-demand cooling while remaining completely dry during use.
    • GREAT GIFT CHOICE AT AN OUTSTANDING VALUE: The handheld/wearable cooler is a compact, yet powerful cooling device with an ergonomic cooling surface that will cool up to 45°F below ambient temperature. The mini cooler is great relief for sore muscles, hot flashes, fever, hot weather, sunburns, swelling, and inflammation. The cooler easily conforms to your wrist, neck, knee, forehead, shoulder… anywhere that needs instant cooling.
    • HANDS-FREE DESIGN WITH ELASTIC VELCRO STRAP: The Comfort Cooler Mini comes with an adjustable velcro strap that frees up your hands. This portable cooler provides you with full mobility and comfort: while playing sports, after a long walk, at the office, leaving the gym, or at home!
    • Uses Thermoelectric Cooling Technology to provide immediate cooling to virtually any body part.

    The first choice in summer: Bring a portable Comfort Cooler Mini to enjoy the cool everywhere. Whether in the office, home, outdoors, cooking, traveling, etc., free your hands to feel the comfortable chill anytime and anywhere.

    Comfort Cooler Mini- Quick Start Guide

    1. Charge Powerbank to 100% (up to 5 hrs)
    2. While the switch is in the Off (“O”) position, take the USB cable and plug in the USB-C connector (smaller cable connector) into USB-C power port on the mini cooler.
    3. Press the side power button on the Powerbank to check the Battery Capacity. White LED’s= Full Charge, 1 blinking LED= No Charge.
    4. The green light on the CCm itself indicates that it has access to power, not that it has been turned on. Place the Powerbank in a convenient location away from one’s body prior to the next step.
    5. In order to turn ON the CCm & begin the cooling process, simply move the 3 Position Rocker Switch to either the “I” position (Hi Cool) or the “II” position (Low Cool.)
    6. It is recommended that the user use the product for 15-20 minutes followed by a 5-minute break before using again.
    7. To turn Off the mini cooler, move the switch to the center “O” (Off) position. This will turn off the CCm, but not the Green LED. The Green LED does not indicate that the CCm is ON, it indicates that power is present. To turn off the Green LED, unplug either end of the USB cable.
    8. Please see the user manual for mounting instruction.

    Comfort Cooler Mini Specification:

    • Input Power: 5Vdc/3Amps
    • Power Draw: 14W(Startup Max), 12.5W(Sustained)
    • Cooling Power: 45° F (25°C) below Ambient-no load
    • Run Time: 3.5hrs (10 Amp-Hr USB Powerbank)
    • Weight: 159 Grams, 0.35 Pounds
    • Sound@ 1m: 20 dbs (Fan Hi), 18dbs (Fan Low)
    • Storage Temp: 32° F (0° C) - 122° F (50° C)
    • Operating Temp: 55° F (13° C*) - 95° F (35° C)
    • *Use of cloth in between the contact plate & skin may allow for operation at a lower ambient operating temperature.