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Mattress Cooler Classic XL: Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System

Mattress Cooler Classic XL: Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System

Mattress Cooler Classic XL: Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System


We are introducing an affordable and reliable Mattress Cooling System. The Mattress Cooler Classic XL comes with replaceable, longer-lasting parts and access to the extra large water tank for better cleaning. This Water Cooling System is now available at a great price! Say goodbye to night sweats and insomnia and welcome better sleep, longer sleep, and a better quality of life. 

  • Experience the cool side of sleep: Our water cooling system circulates water chilled 6-10F below room temperature through a 27” x 63” Mattress Cooling Pad under your fitted sheet, transforming your sleep experience. The Cooling Pad absorbs excess body heat, ensuring you stay relaxed and comfortable all night.
  • Designed for your convenience: Using the Mattress Cooler Classic is as easy as adding 1 quart of water every night and setting it to your preferred fan speed. To ensure optimal performance, drain the system every 2 weeks to keep it free of debris. The mattress pad, a critical cooling system component, should be replaced every 4-6 months.
  • Better Maintenance: The removable top gives you access to the extra large water tank, allowing you to scrub it down and remove debris.
  • Replaceable Parts: Replacing the fan or the pump is simple and affordable.
  • Adjustable Fan Speed: You can set the fan to the exact speed you want to control the temperature of your Mattress Pad. 
  • For those who experience: Night sweats, Hot Flashes, Hormonal Changes, Insomnia, Trouble Falling Asleep, Trouble Staying Asleep, Post OP Recovery, Muscle Aches and Pains, Crowded Bed, Hot sleep partners/pets.  


Box Set Includes:

  • 1 Small PVC Mattress Cooling Pad: 27” x 63”
  • 1 Mattress Cooler Classic XL
  • Voltage Adjuster/Power Supply
  • Set Up Instructions

How to set it up/ Use it

1) Place the Mattress Cooling Pad between the mattress and a fitted sheet. To cool yourself, place the pad from head to foot. For two people, place it across the mattress between your neck and waist. Avoid placement near sharp objects or high-friction areas where you get in/out of bed. Connect the tubes to your Mattress Cooling Pad.

2) Connect tubes to the mattress cooling pad. Remove the top so you can fill the water tank. Plug in the power supply.   

3) Turn on the cooler by adjusting the voltage nob. Turn to high for 5 seconds then to medium. Adjust from there to meet your cooling needs. 

4) To maximize cooling, turn the knob up to medium. For a gentler chill, set the fan to a lower setting. 


Drain every 2 Weeks:

Remove the top from the system and dump the tank into a sink or tub. Refill with fresh water.

Clean every 4 Weeks:

  1. Remove the top from the system and take the tank over to a sink to dump it out.
  2. Prepare a warm bleach-water solution (1 tsp bleach: 1 Gallon Water).
  3. Wipe or scrub down the inside of the tank with a rag or sponge dipped in the warm water solution.
  4. Rinse out the tank and fill it with the warm bleach water solution.
  5. Put the top back on and turn on the Mattress Cooler.
  6. Allow it to run for 20 min - 1 hr to circulate the bleach-water solution through the pad and clean it out.
  7. Drain the tank and refill with fresh water. 

Mattress Cooling Pad:

Change the Mattress Cooling Pad every 4-6 months. This will prevent your Mattress Cooler Classic from getting too dirty and reduce the risk of leaks. 


The Mattress Cooler Classic Box Set comes with a 90-day replacement warranty. If any items fail within 90 days, contact us at MattressCoolerUSA@gmail.com to request a replacement. If any parts fail after 90 days, you can purchase replacement parts here—just visit our product page. If you’re unsure which part failed, please contact us. 


  • Consider topping the PVC Pad with a thin-fitted Mattress Topper to make it more comfortable. We recommend Mainstays Super Soft Quilted Mattress Pad.
  • To save money on replacement cooling pads, order the 2-pack of pads.